Automation Improves Providers' Satisfaction

Providers always strive for the best clinical care to their patients. This is their training and movitation in their work. In their work environment, often for regulatory requriements, providers are tasked to perform mudane reporting, such as recording vital signs. Many see these tasks as counter productive. Especially in operating rooms where situation is so dynamic, providers are constantly evaluating the condition of their patients. Recording vital signs hamstrings their effort in making the best clinical decisions and administrating procedures, thereby adding unnecessary stress to the providers.

Automated charting allows providers to focus on their work and that improves providers' satisfaction. A more satisfied team produces better results and improves operational efficiency.

Hospitals, surgery centers and phsycian groups have the responsibility to provide all necessary tools to allow its staffs to operate optimally for the best patient outcomes. Automation in charting is an easy one to acheive.

Solution Highlights

  • Installation in 500+ ORs, including some in HCA facilities.
  • HIPAA compliant
"Neximatic's solution is the most reliable and hassle-free solution on the market today. We are extremely pleased with the integration between their vital sign streaming technology and our state-of-the-art anesthesia documentation solution."

Tony Mira,
Plexus Technology Group