Enable New and Exciting Features on EHRs and AIMS

Neximatic develops technology solutions that automate EHRs. Our technologies enable new and exciting features on EHRs and AIMS, making them powerful and useful to users.

Our Vital Sign Streaming solution enables different features on EHRs. It can be used to automate vital sign charting that reduces burden on providers and raises quality of patient care. It can be used on a remote educational platform where students can learn from the real cases in a less intrusive way. There are many innovative uses our technologies.

Join us. We can discuss our solutions and how they can make your EHR and AIMS powerful.

Solution Highlights

  • Flexible architecture and interface
  • Enable new features and capabilities
"We have been successful in deploying SIS Charts™ with vital sign charting automation in multiple facilities during the past six months."

Doug Rempfer,
Surgical Information Systems

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