Simple and Fast Deployment of a Flexible Architecture

Neximatic's solution leverages existing IT infrastructrue. With no additional IT investment, such as VLAN and similar, it minimizes cost of deployment.

The flexibile archtiecture works with both cloud-based and self-hosted EHR platforms. It can be deployed in hospitals and surgery centers with varying levels of IT infrastructure and policy requirements.

Deployment is simple and fast. It does not interrupt clinical services. Typical installation can be done in half a day. Automated charting feature can begin on the next day and providers can utilize it immediately.

The solution is monitored 24/7. All communication is in secure channels. Support and upgrade can be performed remotely without burdening the local IT staff.

Solution Highlights

  • Support cloud-based and self-hosted EHR platforms
  • No additional IT investment
  • 24/7 monitoring and secure communication
"We can install the solution in a 12-OR facility in half a day. Auto-charting can start on the next morning without any interruption to the providers' work."

Ryan Dorr
PhyMed Healthcare Group