Our Customers And Partners Are Saying

Plexus Technology Group Anesthesia Information Management System provider

CEO of Plexus Technology Group

"Compared to other monitor connectivity products, Neximatic's solution is the most reliable and hassle-free solution on the market today. We are extremely pleased with the integration between their vital sign streaming technology and our state-of-the-art anesthesia documentation solution."

COO of Surgical Information Systems

"Our clients appreciate this feature as it streamlines documentation and helps improve patient care by removing this manual step. We have been successful in deploying SIS Charts™ with vital sign charting automation in multiple facilities during the past six months."

CEO of Medaxion

"Neximatic's solutions are flexible and straightforward. With Neximatic, we can implement automated vitals quickly in any facility. "

CIO of PhyMed Healthcare Group

"We can install the solution in a 12-OR facility in half a day. Auto-charting can start on the next morning. And it does not require new IT infrastructure like VLAN at the facility and no interruption to the providers' work."

CEO of AneScan

"Automating charting with Neximatic's technology has resonated with users and management. They see the value in raising the quality of care while simultaneously increasing providers' satisfaction. They can focus on what they are trained for - delivering care to their patients."

CTO of Medical Information Records

"Automated vital sign documentation is an important feature in AnesthesiaOS. Providers are excited about this feature because it reduces error, eliminates mundane work and allows them to focus on patient care."