Technology Overview

Full Coverage

Neximatic's patent pending device connectivity solution provides full coverage of vital sign capture. It supports both stationary and mobile medical equipment. Its small size makes it easy to be installed in space-constrained operating rooms or spacious recovery bays. Moreover, it supports more than 300+ different medical devices, making the solution very versatile for clinical environment of any kind.

Full Management

The solution is monitored 24/7, raising reliability to a new level. It monitors its own operation, connectivity to the medical equipment as well as its local networking. It also includes a secured and hassle-free upgrade mechanism that does not burden hospital staffs, simplifying maintenance and minimizing support cost.

Self-hosted or Cloud-based

It supports traditional EHR systems where the IT infrastructure is hosted on-premise in large hospital systems or medical centers. However, its platform is designed for seamless integration with cloud-based EHRs that focus on the fast growing ambulatory surgical center and physician group markets.