Enabling New EHR Features and Capabilities

Automating Vital Sign Charting

Manual vital sign charting is time consuming and error-prone. Our solution automates vital sign charting, saving valuable time from the medical staffs. The medical data is persistent, allowing flexibility on charting, query and examination. Doctors and nurses can now focus on patient care and raise patient satisfaction and health care quality that is important to hospitals.

Notification with Vital Signs

When a nurse pages a doctor, the notification can include a set of recent vital signs. With a full scope of the situation available remotely, doctors can evaluate the condition immediately and place decisive orders. This drastically improves the responsiveness of the medical staffs, at the same time, providing more flexibility in their work environment.

Medical Procedure Review

With complete vital sign record of medical procedures, clinical management team can now perform data analytic on procedures based on different criteria. This kind of medical procedure review raises quality and improves operational efficiency.